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Guided surgery

The tridimentional (3D) reconstruction of the dental arch (partial or full) allows to operate with the support of guided surgery. All aspects of the process are accurately planned.


CAD-CAM is the pinnacle of dental technology: a fully computerized process. Starting from the intra-oral scanning the required prosthesis is manufactured.

Scanner Prototyping

Beginning with a CT or a light or laser scanning, we create a virtual 3D reconstruction. This technique allows us to produce a very detailed map of the patient anatomy.

Polyamide Flexible Prosthesis

Polyamide belongs to the polymers family, which is applied using an injection-moulding technique in the manufacture of flexible prostheses.


Individual Abutment

Individual abutments can be manufactured either with titanium or cemented titanium-zirconium. The aim is mainly to personalize each single dental implant emergence.

Anatomical and morphological structure

The material can be moulded by the clinician straight into the oral cavity when needed (casted PMMA).

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Guided surgery

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